IPA Night of The Ad Eaters..

There they are…photo via Mr. Whisper. Usual rules apply. A few IPA related bits and bobs to tell you about (this should probably go on AdGrads, but still). This event looks interesting. Facebook… Continue reading

Stop what you are doing…

The great man himself. Antonio Damasio. Hero. Those of you who read my twitter or blip stream (thanks to Iain for pointing the latter out, it’s great) will know I’ve been on my… Continue reading

Pharrell and Tabula Rasa..

He is a little scamp, isn’t he? This post could have been entitled ‘Coming through my drive through’, but I thought that too many people would get a little bit overexcited. You know… Continue reading

What do I have to know?

A Hungarian chap looking pensive. Cheers Gaby/Crumplestiltskin. There’s a very real trait in the planning world to gaze, thoughtfully, at one’s navel for what seems like a very long time. And I’m just… Continue reading


It’s probably best to think of this blog like that at the moment. Via Fudj – usual rules apply. Hello there. I wish I could claim the lack of blogging was down to… Continue reading

Keep on believing…

Well, it happened. The mighty Potters are going to be playing football in the Prem, the top tier of English football (sadly relegating my father’s team, Leicester, which is a little sad). And,… Continue reading


.Damned cool picture. Nicked off Flickr, but I can’t remember who from. This is a blog post that is scuttling out of the ether that has been the last few months (I’m pleased… Continue reading

Some moments will be lost forever…

And some won’t be. Thanks to Betty Blade, usual rules apply. Bet you’ve been wondering where I’ve been. Well, unless some clever person has found out my password/offed me in a particularly clever… Continue reading

Can you care too much?

Or not enough in this man’s case. Well, I’ve no doubt that a fair number of the readers of this blog have noticed that England’s Euro 2008 campaign has ended, in spectacular style.… Continue reading