Why a little swagger’s a good thing..

Liam Gallagher – model for graduates? Picture via freschwill. Usual rules, etc. This was sort of inspired by something I wrote on Ad Grads and a bit of thinking, so bear with me.… Continue reading

Helicopters and how you see the world..

Look, a Chinook. Via SierraHiker. Usual rules apply. One of the great mysteries of this business is how management speak infiltrated the ad world. Mostly bollocks, of course (drilling down, to me, still… Continue reading

Money, Money Moooney…Moooooney..

I’d quite like one of these when I grow up. Courtesy of Mat Skull. Usual rules apply. Or, otherwise titled ‘When cashflow goes bad’. Ahem. Anyway…when I was in University, one of my… Continue reading

It’s funny, the more I practice, the luckier I get…

The great Gary Player, possibly the best bunker player ever. The picture’s from justaregularbloke. Usual rules, etc. Regular, or astute readers will know that I hold golf very dear to my heart (yes,… Continue reading

Everyone Loves Music (And Podcasts)

There may be violin. I just don’t know. Thanks GBST Ron, usual rules apply. Eh? Don’t you? Well, you can’t say that this blog doesn’t live to give from time to time. Yes,… Continue reading

Craft skills and a man named Smithy..

A Matthew Smith original. Used by permission. This is going to be a bit of a rant, a bit of a thought..(aren’t they all?) Right. Craft skills. People talk a good game about… Continue reading

Congratulations, a Good Luck, and a New Venture..

Thanks to Narunaka. Usual rules apply. This is going to be short and sweet. Nina (of Too Small To Be Big) has just got herself a new gig. So congratulations. Lauren (of SheSeesRed)… Continue reading

Rise of the Ronin….

Thanks to BettyBl. Usual rules apply. No, not the bad film with Robert De Niro in it (though it does have one good car chase); more the term itself. Stolen from Wikipedia, it… Continue reading

More PSFK – Get It While It’s Hot….

Hello there. Regular readers will recall me writing a missive about the PSFK London Conference, writing about the first 3 people I saw (prior events stopped me writing the rest up – let… Continue reading