Not a load of old cobblers..

Nice boots. But could they be jazzed up a bit? I’ve long been a fan of brands which have a real historical factor, and are constantly seeking to innovate. Penguin, Kodak and Guinness,… Continue reading

Karl Lagerfeld and Creativity..

The man himself. Picture via Robtanphotos. Usual rules apply. I’ve been contemplating the nature of creativity for a little while now, and thought I should share with you a few quotes from Karl… Continue reading

The Boy in the Bubble..

A future 2012 event? Picture via thebiggfrogg. Usual rules apply. No, not the Paul Simon song. Though that is a corker. Today’s diatribe is more concerned with the nature of my working environment.… Continue reading

Usability and T’internet..

The $100 laptop in all its glory. Picture via cheesebikini. Usual rules apply. Well, it would seem that the $100 laptop is not far away from being launched. But the truly clever bit… Continue reading

Selling a Turkey…

Hello there. Just before I bugger off/stop thinking advertising related thoughts for the week, I thought I should have a bit of a rant and a pontification about the nature of products and… Continue reading

Look Familiar?

Remember those days? My mortarboard didn’t fit. Sigh. Via David. Usual rules apply. You’d have thought the majority of people in the picture above will have graduated recently, and will be wondering what… Continue reading

What Ad Agencies can learn from AC/DC..

Angus doing what he does best. Picture via T-Klick. Usual rules.. I’ve been listening to an awful lot of three chord music recently (no, no Status Quo, happily). And it seems to me… Continue reading

Effort and Reward…

Being able to shift tyres = a life skill. Picture via macredeye. Usual rules.. A little while ago, I read Herd, written by Mark. And in my Amazon review of it, I expressed… Continue reading

The Five Worst Songs on your ipod..

Right, it’s time for one of them thar meme things. I’m about to embarass myself – and is there anything worse than revealing moments of musical weakness? No, of course not. Here’s my… Continue reading

Making Rubbish..

Or Art? Picture via Baz_in_Moroland. Usual rules apply. This post is a bit of a fusion of all of the thinking which has been floating about the wider ad community for a little… Continue reading