Usability and T’internet..

The $100 laptop in all its glory. Picture via cheesebikini. Usual rules apply.

Well, it would seem that the $100 laptop is not far away from being launched. But the truly clever bit is that it’s being sold over here as well, as ‘buy one, give one’ trial.

I think this generous idea is one which should be applauded. And it’s something which could really be adopted nicely on the internet. After all, what’s to stop people from working out how its made/making a better, cheaper one? I think it’s great, and without the internet, we’d never have been able to push this idea forward.

And it ties into a thought I’ve been having about usability and the internet/general product and marketing success stories. Something which, indirectly, Rob’s blog highlighted. Nokia are number one worldwide, due, in a large part, to their easy to use phones.

In my opinion (increasingly), the same is true of every successful internet venture.

So, in that spirit, I must salute two different sites. JustGiving is a great charitable donation site, and I used it to donate to a friend’s marathon against Alzheimers (a very worthy cause, which you can help out here – go on, he’s only £200 off his target).

Deezer, the second (formerly Blogmusik) is a site which Mr Brown pointed me in the direction of. And with good reason – ‘s bloody good, and so easy to use. I’ve been happy, finding out some more LCD Soundsystem to listen to, as well as some classic Bluetones. So thanks Marcus. Everyone else, check out my working playlist:

Good eh? Very easy to use, and what I think the internet was designed for. Any other good sites you know of?