Less Haste, More Speed..

Not me; I drive like a little old lady. Photo via Lazyousuf. Usual rules apply. Hello. I’ve been to rather a lot of talks in the last week or so, so I thought… Continue reading

Global Shouldn’t Mean Good Enough…

It’s a cheeky globe. Look at it there. Hello hello. Not written anything for a little while, but I thought I should. Working for a very big network agency with quite a lot… Continue reading

Interests vs Professions..

If I was around in the 70s…photo via angatuba-legionaire, usual rules apply. I read a very interesting quote t’other day, and I may misquote hideously here – it was concerned with journalism, and… Continue reading

Twitter Presentation, Take 2..

Look at the birdies! Let’s try this again. Below is a presentation which I tried to post earlier, to help educate the agency on twitter…here y’are: An Introduction to Twitterhttp://static.slidesharecdn.com/swf/ssplayer2.swf?doc=twitter2-090326092955-phpapp01&stripped_title=an-introduction-to-twitter-1202572 View more presentations… Continue reading

Delayed NESTA Thoughts..

Where the silliness went down. Via TravelEden, usual rules apply. This is something of an apology. I went to see Mark, James and Johnnie for a morning at NESTA, and promised i’d write… Continue reading

Herdmeister Wants Your Briefs..

Arty briefs. Via brittnybadger. Usual rules apply. Hello there. This is the blogging equivalent of a retweet, but hell, I think this is quite important. It’s do with Planning For Good – check… Continue reading

Adidas or Nike?

I’ve never owned a pair. Lovely though. Via davesneakers. Usual rules apply. Which side are you on? Words to live by, via the Dropkick Murphys. Nike v Adidas is kind of like this.… Continue reading

Red Instead of Brown Noses..

I can do both faces. Via osde-info. Usual rules apply. I don’t usually big up my work, but we’re going to be doing something a little bit silly for Red Nose Day tomorrow.Go… Continue reading

Smartphones and the INQ…

The iNQ phone from 3. Via 3bilder. Usual rules apply. Much like Amelia’s launch of O2’s Cocoon, 3 have decided to help launch their new phone with some thoughts from the general blogging… Continue reading