Far too important to leave to chance..

They aren’t a comfortable pillow, believe me. This blog was originally started with selfish reasons (aren’t they all, to begin with?) I wanted to get into the ad business, and I wanted to… Continue reading

Of PR, ‘The Sell’, and Advertising…

Hello gang. I’ve been curiously quiet on this blog for a little while. I’d like to claim that was because of a lack of time, but in truth, I’ve been thinking about what… Continue reading

Decoding Decode.

If only real life was a bit more like this. Photo via Tim_D (usual rules apply) Hello there. Been a bit silent on the old blog front in the last month. Sorry about… Continue reading

Music of 2009…

Most of the music I liked featured guitar in some way. Quelle surprise. I don’t know about you lot, but I fucking hate lists. Lists of banal things which you’d not previously thought… Continue reading

What’s Too Slow?

Yes. This IS too slow. Picture via Al_HikesAZ. Hello there. I’ve been a wee bit quiet over the last month and a bit. Sorry about that. Have had some fairly major things to… Continue reading

When is it right to experiment?

Would you let this man do it? Picture via jbcurio, usual rules apply. As the last post on anti-social brands alluded to, my position on what brands should and shouldn’t do is very… Continue reading

Anti Social Brands…

Lolcat goodness, via msmail. Usual rules apply. I’ll be honest, I didn’t go to IPASocial, despite the ferocious twittering around it. So i’m going to caveat these remarks with that. I didn’t go… Continue reading

The Great Integration Myth…?

How it should be? You hear a lot of chat about the importance of being integrated. About how, when all the bits are working together, communication seems to be a lot better. Reading… Continue reading

Why I Play Golf…

The great man, Bobby Jones. Better than Tiger. Honest. It’s the evening of the final major of the year, the USPGA (the red headed stepchild of other majors), and i’m about to settle… Continue reading