England’s Performance:


Hedgehogs are great..

They eat bugs, have spines, and pinch cat food. Observe: It didn’t take my blogging long to veer wildly off topic. Normal service will be resumed shortly (right after England Sweden).

Another new blog discovery..

After reading a little more of Russell Davies’s blog (the grand-daddy of all planning blogs), i’ve found another really good blog: ‘Creative Generalist’. http://creativegeneralist.blogspot.com/ The guy who presides over it, Steve Hardy, has… Continue reading

Our Lord Saviour?

The title of the post may seem a little peculiar, but read this (unfortunately you have to subscribe for the whole thing). If you can’t be bothered to click the link, essentially, W&K… Continue reading

Winning the advertising world cup..

Like the Superbowl, adland’s World Cup efforts have been carefully scrutinised by many sites. Rob Mortimer’s analysis is an interesting one on the topic, but there are a few ads missing which I… Continue reading

Simple things breed simple minds. Or not.

Northern Planner has written an excellent post about choice. What really stands out is this thinking: “People have to make their own decisions on things like pensions and mortgages like never before. They… Continue reading

A new find..

Whilst looking on the net for some footage for the prior post, I stumbled across a very insightful and well written site – David Reviews. Check it out. I like the editorials a… Continue reading

A different kind of plagiarism..

After reading Campaign, a thought crossed my mind; there has been a lot of discussion about plagiarism(‘Has Adland run out of original ideas?’). Now, obviously, as more ideas and agencies emerge, there is… Continue reading

Don’t mess with HTML code..

I am not this man (happily) Doh – note the bar out of place on the right. And, because i’m a nonce, I can’t fix it. Time for a blogger ‘help me!’ email… Continue reading

And then there were two..

Check it out; more Orangey work, this time from Fallon: A little more explanation about this spot can be found here. Akin to the previous execution, the spot feels understated and thoughtful. I… Continue reading