Less computer access at the moment..

So less posting. This will be rectified in about 6 weeks, when i’ve got a computer more regularly at my disposal. There will still be occasional musings. Advertisements

ARE the most powerful brands now made by consumers?

Well, here’s my response to Gordon’s question. Be warned, it’s a little overly influenced by Malcolm Gladwell/muddled, but this question could take days to answer. The short answer is yes, I believe that… Continue reading

Being thoughtful..

Well, i’ve had a fun week. The Wireless festival was great (I was at the front for DJ Shadow – I highly recommend seeing him live), as was my time in London. I… Continue reading

Travelling far and wide..

Hello all. Just a quick post to say I won’t be posting for another week – i’m in Yorkshire at the moment, going to the Wireless Festival on the 24th. Massive Attack +… Continue reading

Blogs – Narcissistic or something more than that?

Firstly, an apology – I had all kinds of high and mighty intentions for this blog, but it’s becoming more irrelevant by the day. Ah well – at least I had a disclaimer… Continue reading

England’s Performance:


Hedgehogs are great..

They eat bugs, have spines, and pinch cat food. Observe: It didn’t take my blogging long to veer wildly off topic. Normal service will be resumed shortly (right after England Sweden).

Another new blog discovery..

After reading a little more of Russell Davies’s blog (the grand-daddy of all planning blogs), i’ve found another really good blog: ‘Creative Generalist’. http://creativegeneralist.blogspot.com/ The guy who presides over it, Steve Hardy, has… Continue reading

Our Lord Saviour?

The title of the post may seem a little peculiar, but read this (unfortunately you have to subscribe for the whole thing). If you can’t be bothered to click the link, essentially, W&K… Continue reading

Winning the advertising world cup..

Like the Superbowl, adland’s World Cup efforts have been carefully scrutinised by many sites. Rob Mortimer’s analysis is an interesting one on the topic, but there are a few ads missing which I… Continue reading