The agency of the future/CAN you live a second life?

So Nick Hurrell and Neil Dawson are leaving their agencies. With a blank client list, they seek to establish a new, revolutionary agency. But can you live a ‘second life’, away from your… Continue reading

Back from the big smoke..

Well, the last month or so has flown by; apologies for the lack of updates, but it’s been fairly hectic. I’ve finished up my time in London in the short term, and am… Continue reading

A question for my readership..

Well, I’ve returned from my posting hiatus, and I have a question for the my readers (whomever you are). I’ve been asked to answer a brief, and i’d be very grateful if the… Continue reading

A new site to see and a thank you..

Two posts in a day. Can you believe it? Well, this one is just short and sweet: First of all, go to polkadotholes, a new ad site i’ve stumbled across. It’s a very… Continue reading

More choice, more problems?

I was in Sainsbury’s today looking for a sandwich. Bewildered by choice, I just grabbed the first nearby one (a ‘Taste the Difference’ BLT – very nice it was too). Before this post… Continue reading

Less computer access at the moment..

So less posting. This will be rectified in about 6 weeks, when i’ve got a computer more regularly at my disposal. There will still be occasional musings.

ARE the most powerful brands now made by consumers?

Well, here’s my response to Gordon’s question. Be warned, it’s a little overly influenced by Malcolm Gladwell/muddled, but this question could take days to answer. The short answer is yes, I believe that… Continue reading

Being thoughtful..

Well, i’ve had a fun week. The Wireless festival was great (I was at the front for DJ Shadow – I highly recommend seeing him live), as was my time in London. I… Continue reading

Travelling far and wide..

Hello all. Just a quick post to say I won’t be posting for another week – i’m in Yorkshire at the moment, going to the Wireless Festival on the 24th. Massive Attack +… Continue reading

Blogs – Narcissistic or something more than that?

Firstly, an apology – I had all kinds of high and mighty intentions for this blog, but it’s becoming more irrelevant by the day. Ah well – at least I had a disclaimer… Continue reading