A fool may talk, but a wise man speaks..

That fine quote came from Mr Jonson – the legend behind the Roaring Girl. It relates to a post I’ve been thinking about for a while, prompted by Amelia’s post, which summed up… Continue reading

The best chart. Ever.

This post by Simon sums up some of my feelings about unnecessary charts. Absolutely brilliant. Yes, even better than the dancing.

Ack! I’ve been tagged..

x Well, I’ve been tagged by Daniel Mejia over at AdStructure, so I’ve got to reveal 5 things you didn’t already know about me. Seeing as I’ve already professed my love for Stoke… Continue reading

Memes, jingles or songs that just won’t go away..

Well, up until the recent Campaign IPA Excellence Diploma giveaway, and Richard’s comments about them, I had no idea what a Meme was. Well, upon posting about Christmas ads, I came round to… Continue reading

Christmas ads of old..

Though Stoke haven’t lost yet, I thought I should return this blog to something at least vaguely ad orientated. So…Christmas ads, past and present. What makes a good Christmas ad? x Well, let’s… Continue reading

Facebook is a terrible, terrible thing..

A portrait of the author as a drunken student…or: How alcohol and Christmas crackers don’t mix.

Reflections – Or…how like your blog are you?

(N.B: This was spawned from the coffe morning with Russell and co/from a conversation with Paul). x After meeting people at these coffee mornings, I was wondering. Are people really like their blogs?… Continue reading

Today is the greatest day I’ve ever known (thoughts on music)

Reading Northern Planner’s post about music habits got me thinking about my own musical consumption. You, faithful reader, can improve this by buying me some of my musical wishlist. I felt like thinking… Continue reading

All hail the mighty Potters..

Bit of a break from the advertising world, but to hell with it – there are some things far more important than that: Stoke City went 7 games unbeaten yesterday, and I was… Continue reading