Keeping my promise..

It’s not just Richard who does war time imagery in his blog posts. Anyway, this short post is simply to say – check the side bar for my ‘Ad Land’ squidoo and my… Continue reading

"No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better"

Right, I said I’d try and write something to justify my credo. This is it, and I apologise in advance if it’s not up to the same standard as Beeker’s. I think my… Continue reading

This is brilliant. Much better than Zadie Smith’s novel.

Clearly, The Muppets are better than Zadie Smith. Most things are… especially Hanif Kureishi, who I think she borrows from to the ninth degree. Ahem. Literary conversations not withstanding, go here and read… Continue reading

The road to no regret..

As well as being the title of a Scritti Politti song, it also describes how agencies should feel at the moment. Sod all this ‘advertising is dead, the consumer is king’ talk… Yes,… Continue reading

Another question..

Hello all. Christ, I’m going on a posting frenzy. Got another question for you, on a similar vein to the last one. “Are there any agencies out there that can truly claim to… Continue reading

Marcus, Marcus, Marcus..

Marcus (picture lifted from Paul’s site) has a blog, which as I’ve mentioned before is great. That said, I have just been searching for the viral ad, and what did I find… Continue reading

I didn’t realise that you wrote poetry..I didn’t realise you wrote such bloody awful poetry..

It’s been a little while since I posted, so here we are then. This post was meant to be a Smiths lyric seguing neatly into why most agency websites are rubbish/unable to successfully… Continue reading

Well, that’s one thing ticked off the list..

I’ve not gotten involved with Paul’s experimental website (found here) but if I had done, I’d have mentioned something about learning to drive. Well, now I can say I’ve done it. Many months… Continue reading

Keep it simple, stupid..

Firstly, check out the sidebar; I’ve finally added an amended version of the presentation I gave way back in August. Quite a bit of it was lost when my USB stick died, but… Continue reading