This is brilliant. Much better than Zadie Smith’s novel.

Clearly, The Muppets are better than Zadie Smith. Most things are… especially Hanif Kureishi, who I think she borrows from to the ninth degree.

Ahem. Literary conversations not withstanding, go here and read this now. It’s very good.

Finished reading?

Yes, it was good, wasn’t it. I’m still working on my credo. Not sure if it’s either “I’ll love it if it’s beautiful” or “I’ll believe something when I see it“.

Closest I’ve got to it would probably be some Beckett (continuing the literary theme, see?):

No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better

I’m going to write something and attempt to justify it. But probably not half so well as Beeker does.

I’ve also learned a new word as a result of my web browsing – Weltanschauung (lit – ‘Look onto the world’). Up there with Schadenfreud.