Well, that’s one thing ticked off the list..

I’ve not gotten involved with Paul’s experimental website (found here) but if I had done, I’d have mentioned something about learning to drive.

Well, now I can say I’ve done it. Many months of swearing, scaring the inhabitants of Worcester and generally being inept have gone by, but it’s sorted.

Perhaps now those shiny Audi/BMW ads (or in fact, any car that has 4 wheels and moves) will have some effect on me. I don’t necessarily want a car which has had nine thousand odd patents, just one which moves would be nice.

And now to tick off the other thing on my list. Y’know, the whole ‘getting a real job’ one.

Oh, and I hadn’t mentioned this before, but a thanks to Marcus Brown for the link – read his blog, it really is very very good. And also, here’s an additional link I found from Russell’s blog, by a guy called Simon Law. His blog is also rather good. So read it…