Blogs – Narcissistic or something more than that?

Firstly, an apology – I had all kinds of high and mighty intentions for this blog, but it’s becoming more irrelevant by the day. Ah well – at least I had a disclaimer just off the main title.

Paul Colman’s blog opened up a discussion about blogs which I felt worthy of a comment on. Further comments on it can be found here.

Are blogs inherently narcissistic? Does this matter? Where did I leave my car keys?

Well, the short version of this post is yes, not really, and next to the kettle, you berk.

The slightly longer version; I think the debate about blogs is a valid one. Everyone who starts one does want their opinion heard – it’s inevitable that by publishing one, you’ll come in for these allegations.

Whether this matters is entirely down to the content. Sure, I may post self-indulgent stuff from time to time; I may even post about Stoke City if the mood takes me (though i’ve had enough of poorly played football after watching last night’s game).

Keeping it on a vague topic (in my case, some points about the advertising industry and peculiar brand things) is important.

I think a real danger is people commenting on things they know bugger all about; personally, I have to fight a very difficult battle when writing about ads/doing ad analysis because I have no clue as to whether the client compromised the creative vision or the ad needed to fulfill a certain criteria before being accepted.

I’m on the outside looking in (hell, I want a job in the industry) and as a result, I need to be careful. I think i’ll adopt the Russell Davies approach – comment on stuff I really like/find interesting, rather than randomly slating campaigns.