Simple things breed simple minds. Or not.

Northern Planner has written an excellent post about choice.

What really stands out is this thinking: “People have to make their own decisions on things like pensions and mortgages like never before. They have never been given so much choice, yet the quality of information to let them make a decision isn’t there. So they make bad decisions quick, or just put it off.”

I completely agree; I think it applies to Web 2.0 stuff as well. While it’s nice to know what other people recommend, I want someone to explain it to me. I can read and immerse myself in as much information as possible, but without someone who I trust to help me make the decision, it is often an ill-informed one.

I think what i’m trying to say is that people are crying out for experts like never before. Those who exude confidence and knowledge of their subject. Think Russell Davies on planning, Seth Godin on marketing or Alan Greenspan on the economy.