A different kind of plagiarism..

After reading Campaign, a thought crossed my mind; there has been a lot of discussion about plagiarism(‘Has Adland run out of original ideas?’). Now, obviously, as more ideas and agencies emerge, there is bound to be a fair deal of overlap. You can’t stop that.

However, what prompted this post can be rectified – the importance of getting casting right.

The guy in the picture on the right is from an ad for VW’s Passat. Watch it here. Recognise him?

This actor has been in Barclays’ recent ads as well, as well as one other ad (for Orange, I believe, but I couldn’t track it down – it aired about 2/3 months ago). I remembered him because of his unique eyebrows.

Using the same actor for 3 wholly different products isn’t plagiarism, but it does seem careless and puts forward the case for agencies to be very careful for who they use in their executions.

Of course, he could just have done those three ads in very close proximity to each other and there was no chance for any of the agencies to pull any of the spots. So I could be barking entirely up the wrong tree.

However, in an era where more and more brands want to stand out and forge a unique brand identity, it’s crucial to get this right.