Our Lord Saviour?

The title of the post may seem a little peculiar, but read this (unfortunately you have to subscribe for the whole thing).

If you can’t be bothered to click the link, essentially, W&K have made an ad for Nike which features on the second largest billboard on the country (the M4 flyover in West London). Fine, you might think.

However; this particular billboard features Rooney (like the picture above) with his arms outstretched. To quote Brand Republic: ” Nike dismisses claims that the poster, created by agency Wieden & Kennedy, plays on the crucifixion. Nike said: “It’s not intended to have religious connotations“.

Whilst I consider Rooney as central to England’s chances, do I view him as messianic? Of course not.

That Nike should even have to make that statement is saddening; seemingly, it doesn’t matter what you do, people will find offence.

EDIT: Because i’m RSS illiterate at this point, I didn’t notice other blogs about it. Go here for the W&K blog about it and here for a planning perspective on it.