More PSFK – Get It While It’s Hot….

Hello there. Regular readers will recall me writing a missive about the PSFK London Conference, writing about the first 3 people I saw (prior events stopped me writing the rest up – let me know if you’d like to read my thoughts on the rest) and so forth.

Anyway, it has been brought to my attention that there’s going to be another one going on. Here is the blurb, if you can’t be arsed to click the above link:

“It happens 18th September in West Hollywood. Here’s the scoop on who’s talking:

We have celebrated street artist Shepard Fairy talk about his art and commercial work, we have Missy from Suicide Girls talk about the rise of her empire, we have Blair Witch co-creator Mike Monello talk about the future of content, LA Times digital director Jason Oberfest talk about what the hell a newspaper’s supposed to do is this sea of change, we have a bunch of superb LA journalists & bloggers talk about why LA culture matters to the rest of the world, we have the founder of Fred Water explain the birth of his brand, we have folk from Nokia, Starbucks, Sony BMG, Yahoo! talking, we have lots of others – and – we have George Parker bringing up the rear.”

Would you like to attend? Well, if you would (and sadly, I can’t), but would like a discount, get this early bird special (a bloody good deal that runs out in about two weeks time). However, if you miss that bad boy, try this one (which also seems to be valid for a similar length of time).

Never let it be said that I’m not attentive to my audience. I can’t make it, but I hope one or two of you can make it…it looks cracking.