Congratulations, a Good Luck, and a New Venture..

Thanks to Narunaka. Usual rules apply.

This is going to be short and sweet.

Nina (of Too Small To Be Big) has just got herself a new gig. So congratulations. Lauren (of SheSeesRed) has had a successful viewing of her installation at Spinach. Very well done to you – I also have a photo of the sweary artist addressing the audience, which will be up on my Flickr at some point..

Good luck to Marcus Brown in his new venture, The Ides of March. Anyone who reads this blog who doesn’t know Marcus (not many, I wouldn’t have thought) should know that he’s incredibly perceptive, a fantastic writer, and a very, very bright. I think he’s going to do really well.

Finally…a new venture. I’ve begun to co-write a blog for grads, which can be found here. Sam & Anton from the Ad Lads are helping, along with Jack Bauer from the Brand Republic Forums. We’ll be detailing our experiences, and asking some other people (yes, you) to help contribute and guest post.

You can find it here.