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On Advertising & Social Mobility…

How social mobility could work in Advertising (?) Via. As ever, I seem to perennially write this blog when I have something to rant or museĀ about, and this post is no different. ItĀ concerns… Continue reading

Far too important to leave to chance..

They aren’t a comfortable pillow, believe me. This blog was originally started with selfish reasons (aren’t they all, to begin with?) I wanted to get into the ad business, and I wanted to… Continue reading

Back To Work..

I hope I don’t have to sit at a desk like this. Since the demise of my former agency, I have been a rambling man, hitching my spurs to various freelance assignments. Well,… Continue reading

Look Familiar?

Remember those days? My mortarboard didn’t fit. Sigh. Via David. Usual rules apply. You’d have thought the majority of people in the picture above will have graduated recently, and will be wondering what… Continue reading

Musings on Talent and HR…

If only there was a magic database that handled recruitment. Picture via chrisweb99. Usual rules etc. Before I begin my usual foray into things I don’t fully understand, I’d suggest you read this… Continue reading

Congratulations, a Good Luck, and a New Venture..

Thanks to Narunaka. Usual rules apply. This is going to be short and sweet. Nina (of Too Small To Be Big) has just got herself a new gig. So congratulations. Lauren (of SheSeesRed)… Continue reading

Job Hunting (or how that tall chap became a planner)

Hello. I’m usually a contentious, mildly sarcastic chap who posts on this blog (yes, I really am that tall, attractive man; told you I could be sarcastic). However, I’ll be frank – I… Continue reading