Job Hunting (or how that tall chap became a planner)


I’m usually a contentious, mildly sarcastic chap who posts on this blog (yes, I really am that tall, attractive man; told you I could be sarcastic).

However, I’ll be frank – I am also looking for a job, given the demise of my former workplace.

The reason I’m posting this, is that I know that quite a few agencies read this (BBH, VCCP, Y&R, AMV, Leo Burnett – all just today), and I’d like to meet with you, humble readers.

The closure of my agency is a shame, considering I was only able to accrue a whopping two whole months of experience, and additionally, irritating, because it makes me not even a planning junior; more a planning padwan.

Still, check out my academic credentials – download my CV from the sidebar. There’s even a short presentation about myself and some of my earlier advertising experience, just to give you an idea of what drives me and how I think (though the ad stuff is from much earlier on in my career).

I still think I’d make a good planner – during my short agency life, I’ve helped win a pitch, worked over most of the major accounts at my agency and generally enjoyed it a great deal.

Bluntly, I want to move to a place which will train me/make me a better, more rounded planner. And have a damn good time doing it. And yes, I’ll even make the tea for a few months.

I’ll even bring along my planning portfolio, and a few brand positionings for you to have a look at.

Does that sound like fun – do you fancy a coffee and a chat?

If so, get in touch, either via email or by giving me a ring on 07773 945284.

Or, you can meet me in person at Faris’s Beersphere tonight. I’ll be there from 7.30.