Authenticity is as authenticity does..

I should probably prefix this by saying that I find the notion that Dolmio is actually made in Holland absolutely, positively the funniest thing about these ads (no, I don’t get out much – much less see the sun at all).

But no.

What’s tickled me is not that (this time). No, I was making my usual meal of stir in sauce (still haven’t moved out of my gastronomic studenty ways, despite making mashed potato for the FIRST TIME EVER this week) and noticed what it said on the side of the packet.

*Watches as his readership groan ‘oh no, not ANOTHER Seth Godin esque post’*

Yes, I’m afraid so.

Anyway, read this (didn’t have a camera on me):

“For a more full on Italian experience, just stir one pot of sauce into 300g of hot freshly cooked pasta to make an intensely satisfying meal. Perfect for two people looking for a bit more excitement

Just to make it easier, I’ve highlighted the bits which are particularly amusing.

By all means, use Italian attributes, and milk the brand essence. If it is founded on a little thing called truth – selling the Italianicity of the brand doesn’t wash when the bloody thing is manufactured in Holland.

It’s almost as bad as HP not being made in Aston. But that’s another story, and another rant, for another day.

But aye; you’ve already had a problem when the brand idea is founded on a lie. Why not celebrate that it’s made in Holland? It could have mixed heritage or have aspects of both – then you could use clogs AND italian puppets in an ad – advertising genius (tongue slightly in cheek).

And since when has pasta been an aphrodisiac? Yes, it’s a communal event, but I’ve never seen someone given one after a great tagliatelle… bit of a stretch for the thought, methinks.

The microsite, however, is fucking brilliant. Nicely executed, and I like the ‘ask mama’ section. Even when I want to know the answer is 42. And, despite my ranting, my Dolmio day, for what it’s worth, is most days – so the advertising isn’t that offensive.

Just founded on a bit of an untruth.