Gotta love slideshare …

Slideshare really is excellent. Just registered with it, and I urge you to do so as well.

Great for putting random gubbins up on t’internet.

So I have. Here’s a newly updated presentation ‘Confessions of a Wannabe Ad Man’ (which you also download from the sidebar):

And have a few brand positionings, while you are at it. I must say that these are VERY rough thoughts (some of them written on the tube/off the top of my head) but aye – just something to stimulate some conversation. I’ve probably got another 20 odd to talk about/publish, but here are a few – as for my thoughts on them, I still like the Kodak one, think the KFC one requires the brand to change perhaps a bit too much (but it could work), like the Mars one (though it is a bit generic) and I still like the Beano one. So here you are (again, you can nab it from the sidebar):

Let me know what you think about them both….