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Mentors, Experience and Knowledge…

We’d all hope for something like this – well, maybe more careery… Hello there. By trying to get Sammy I elected as IPA Hottie (vote Ismail, vote often – send it round your… Continue reading

Back To Work..

I hope I don’t have to sit at a desk like this. Since the demise of my former agency, I have been a rambling man, hitching my spurs to various freelance assignments. Well,… Continue reading

Money, Money Moooney…Moooooney..

I’d quite like one of these when I grow up. Courtesy of Mat Skull. Usual rules apply. Or, otherwise titled ‘When cashflow goes bad’. Ahem. Anyway…when I was in University, one of my… Continue reading

It’s funny, the more I practice, the luckier I get…

The great Gary Player, possibly the best bunker player ever. The picture’s from justaregularbloke. Usual rules, etc. Regular, or astute readers will know that I hold golf very dear to my heart (yes,… Continue reading

Congratulations, a Good Luck, and a New Venture..

Thanks to Narunaka. Usual rules apply. This is going to be short and sweet. Nina (of Too Small To Be Big) has just got herself a new gig. So congratulations. Lauren (of SheSeesRed)… Continue reading