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We ALL work in PR.

Looks like a flume, but isn’t. Guess. Photo via Whatsername? It’s a little bit of a black hole, isn’t it? This being on the internet malarky, creating a digital footprint with every tweet.… Continue reading

Look Familiar?

Remember those days? My mortarboard didn’t fit. Sigh. Via David. Usual rules apply. You’d have thought the majority of people in the picture above will have graduated recently, and will be wondering what… Continue reading

It’s funny, the more I practice, the luckier I get…

The great Gary Player, possibly the best bunker player ever. The picture’s from justaregularbloke. Usual rules, etc. Regular, or astute readers will know that I hold golf very dear to my heart (yes,… Continue reading

Congratulations, a Good Luck, and a New Venture..

Thanks to Narunaka. Usual rules apply. This is going to be short and sweet. Nina (of Too Small To Be Big) has just got herself a new gig. So congratulations. Lauren (of SheSeesRed)… Continue reading