Some moments will be lost forever…

And some won’t be. Thanks to Betty Blade, usual rules apply.

Bet you’ve been wondering where I’ve been. Well, unless some clever person has found out my password/offed me in a particularly clever way, I’m back again.

I probably, like a naughty child, should explain where I’ve been. Well, mostly, i’ve been working. Been learning planning, the processes behind it and just getting back into the swing of things. Along the way, I got my very first print ad out (I’d suggest you click on the image):

I’ve also learned what Zero means by ‘Doesday‘. And, indeed, just how much I’ve got to learn. I think advice from NP and others about learning planning holds true; you never, ever stop learning, whether it’s brushing up on basic PowerPoint skills (yes, mine do still leave a bit to be desired, but hell, clever thinking trumps dissolve ins, heh), looking at my Outlook and groaning, or dealing with creative teams.

What I’ve been most impressed by is the people around me; there’s such a mixture of skills, talents and mindsets. Yes, I know I wanted to get into advertising for the stimulating conversation and lateral thinking, but little did I know I’d have been involved in so many peculiar and interesting conversations (from the Quantic Soul Orchestra to the best briefings people have ever been involved in, to what motivates mums of six month old babies – the latter was an eye opener, let me tell you).

And of course, as for the stuff outside of work. Well, it’s been a nice mixture of watching the mighty, mighty Potters stride to 4th, a bit of gigging (the Manics were best the second time around) and some socialising with a lot of old (and some new) friends.

I’m going to try and do some more cliched London things, and document them here. Never done an open top bus ride or visited the Tower of London, but hell – here’s a line in the sand, I’m going to try and do them soonish. Yes, it’s horribly touristy, but that’s the joy. Reading some Peter Ackroyd at the same time will hopefully help fill in the gaps as well…