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Some moments will be lost forever…

And some won’t be. Thanks to Betty Blade, usual rules apply. Bet you’ve been wondering where I’ve been. Well, unless some clever person has found out my password/offed me in a particularly clever… Continue reading

PSFK: The First 3 Discussions…

Above: PSFK Conference folk having a bloody good chin wag. I came, I saw, I blogged… well, I’m about to. I also took quite a few snaps. View them here. Before I go… Continue reading

I’m moving…OR…City living well it ain’t for most, and that’s a fact not an empty boast..

Well, I’m about to do it. About to fly the coop, settle in pastures new and leave the glorious countryside behind for the big smoke. And I’ve not got the slightest idea of… Continue reading

Musings on London..

Well, on my trip to London for the most recent interview and to go to Russell’s latest coffee morning, I had all manner of interesting conversations with all sorts of people. It was… Continue reading