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Authenticity is as authenticity does..

I should probably prefix this by saying that I find the notion that Dolmio is actually made in Holland absolutely, positively the funniest thing about these ads (no, I don’t get out much… Continue reading

Product Recalls and Bans.. (Yes, it’s a bit work related)

So yes; I’ve probably been posting about tat for a while (or random metaphors/analogies), so have a question I’ve been asked. It’s a little bit short (because I have been working on it… Continue reading

Cocktail Parties..

Usual policy applies – thanks Mr Giles Before I get properly in the post, I’ve got to put a disclaimer on this one: *WARNING – OVERSTRETCHED ANALOGY ALERT* Right, that’s over with. Cocktail… Continue reading

Arrogance is a gift?

Consider the following quote: “If you are on thin ice, you may as well dance”. Not something I’d recommend, but hey. The point of the picture of Mr Mourinho and that quote is… Continue reading

Going off track..

Marcus’s recent post struck a chord with me about blog voice and things you discuss. And I quote: “I’m rather bored of the advertising-blog waffle and, to tell you the truth, some of… Continue reading

How owning a notebook makes you a better person..

I don’t keep a diary. I’ve never been that interested in recording thoughts that I thought everyone would have considered and mulled over. To me, it just seemed like a bit of pointless… Continue reading

Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet..

(Thanks to DJ Damien, usual policy applies) Happiness truly is a cigar called Hamlet. At least, it was for me (not that I smoke…well, the odd cigar). Ads like the one below were… Continue reading

Positive Associations (or how Sacrum had it right all along)

You know Scorsese won an Oscar, don’t you? The Departed was a bloody good film, as well. However, I mention this now because, as a result of the film, I’ve begun to listen… Continue reading

Acronym Addiction..

Picture belongs to SevaOwen – usual rules apply. Well, I thought P&G had it bad with their acronyms. But, perusing through some more corporate documentation today, it would appear that each marketeer has… Continue reading

Brilliant quote..

And one which several companies could do with taking on board: “Laugh and the world laughs with you; talk, and you may be lynched.”Meant in jest here, but it’s one which the vast… Continue reading