Acronym Addiction..

Picture belongs to SevaOwen – usual rules apply.

Well, I thought P&G had it bad with their acronyms.

But, perusing through some more corporate documentation today, it would appear that each marketeer has their own brand of ‘newspeak’.

It’s slowly but surely driving me insane – it certainly would be nice to be able to understand just how these all fit together, especially when looking at incredibly confusing charts. Alas, I think the two are liable to remain hand in hand for as long as a concerned marketing manager needs to keep his or her job.

That said, every discipline has their fair share of this sort of verbal diarrhoea – in the dim and distant past when I was still a student, the postmodernists (sorry to see you go, JB) to the feminists and even the liberal humanists had a bash at confusing the humble student. And were usually very effective; it’s why I switched to doing ‘traditional’ lit after the first year.

The larger question remains; how can you hope to communicate effectively with a public who don’t have the time or the patience to pay attention to a lot of (simpler) ads, when you swim in seas of unchecked language and nothingness?

It certainly explains the swing towards visual communications, and why conversations about whether a colour ‘is’ a certain brand will become more evident as time goes on.