Positive Associations (or how Sacrum had it right all along)

You know Scorsese won an Oscar, don’t you?

The Departed was a bloody good film, as well. However, I mention this now because, as a result of the film, I’ve begun to listen to the Dropkick Murphys a lot more (listen to their Live on St Patrick’s Day album; it is fantastic).

And it’s because of a very significant scene in the film (If you’ve not seen it, I won’t spoil it for you) that features a DKM song that I heard of them.

The same was true of Jose Gonzalez and Heartbeats, the song on the Sony ‘Balls’ spot.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice if brand associations were like this – you see/hear/experience something you like, so you are willing to part with a bit more money or buy that brand ahead of another in a very generic marketplace..

Now, I’m fairly sure the latter, if one is willing to participate in the branded entertainment (and by that I mean games/entertainments the brand has actively put on – not sponsored or Godawful ‘branded entertainment’ with brand names being namedropped as quickly and easily as a drizzly shower in the Midlands) is effective at getting people most of the way to wanting to purchase the brand’s product.

The other two aren’t. I cannot remember many radio ads at the best of times (barring one amusing estate agent about about the customers ‘coming’ first – to give you an idea, it features the odd spot of bedroom gymnastics, lovingly recorded on the ad), and brand specifics are hard to remember in the vast majority of TV spots I watch (and I take an active interest in this stuff – God knows what it must be like for the average punter).

Give someone something to experience, or target your ads properly; ads aren’t like songs – you don’t instantly seek them out, unless it’s: a) incredibly well targeted or b) offering you something to try/a obvious point of difference.

Then you too can be experiencing brand warmness (cheers Sacrum):