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Soapbox Proclaimations vs Demonstration Led Thought..

Usual policy applies – photo is from WallyG Bit of a wordy title, but nonetheless… In the 20th century, most brands adopted the former position. You are the consumer, we are the speaker,… Continue reading

I am a rock. I am an island.

Taking another leaf from Richard’s book, I fancied putting some more thinking up on the blog, just to provoke a bit more discussion on the blog (and not just posting spam emails with… Continue reading

A Final Thought (before my holiday starts)

I’m not eschewing research (on the contrary, you can mine some great insights from it), but overly rely on it and you’ll have no idea how to achieve that wonderful magic that communications… Continue reading


Yes, forcefulness may be devoid of subtlety, occasionally lacking charm and not always the most insightful thinking out there. But it can be as effective as a hammer to the forebrain. That’s right… Continue reading