Yes, forcefulness may be devoid of subtlety, occasionally lacking charm and not always the most insightful thinking out there.

But it can be as effective as a hammer to the forebrain. That’s right pop pickers, I’m talking about brands which say to the outside world ‘I’m right. And you’ll listen’.

I respect Jaguar so much more ever since they stopped dicking around with the faux English pretentions and told us what they were, in so many words, or at least told us why we buy them:

No, I don’t think ‘Gorgeous’ is perhaps the best ad in the world, nor is it wholly all there strategically. But (in addition to the very good execution) it is unapologetic.
When you know who you are, and can say it – ‘We are good because of x’, it’s brilliant. Of course, you have to commit – the below ad would have just been a good ad rather than an all time classic, praised for its excellent positioning and thinking, if not for the company’s commitment:

Ballsy advertising, is, of course, not the refuge of the timid client. But being unafraid, honest, able to back it up and above all – a talking point – should be what every brand aims for.
As well as a healthy dose of humility if they overpromise.
I’m not eschewing thoughtful stories, seeded across many mediums and with ‘easter eggs’ in them. No. Those can exist as well. But I think the world needs its fair share of the arrogant brands – Old Spice is perhaps the closest example I can think of being able to bridge the divide.