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Aspirational Advertising. Oh, and a Podcast..

When trying to tap into human emotions, advertising often has a difficult task. Making people laugh through comedic stuff like the Pot Noodle campaign or the recent Burger King spots sometimes runs into… Continue reading


Yes, forcefulness may be devoid of subtlety, occasionally lacking charm and not always the most insightful thinking out there. But it can be as effective as a hammer to the forebrain. That’s right… Continue reading

Are Lovemarks Bollocks?

Kevin Roberts. Much maligned man? Complete Genius? Or massive advertising charlatan who is peddling old ideas from the 80s? Well, if you read these articles, you’d be forgiven for thinking that yes, his… Continue reading

Interview thoughts 1: Magners & Kodak..

As reported in the prior post, I had an interview yesterday. However, I wanted to write a little bit more about my thoughts on some of the topics that were discussed, as well… Continue reading

The Banksy Brand..

x Well, after an interesting discussion about brand devotees, I noticed a post on Russell’s planner ziki from a chap called Ross Cidlowski, who runs this blog, which is excellent. x According to… Continue reading

iPhone communication thoughts..

Well well.. possibly the biggest product launch of the year. x Would you do a Steve Jobs and present it all on your own? Or would you let your employees help explain it?… Continue reading

Blog/Brand devotion..

I’d like to begin this post by saying a big get well soon to Marcus Brown. Having the foresight to bring a camera along to the doctors, let alone blog about it deserves… Continue reading