Arrogance is a gift?

Consider the following quote:

“If you are on thin ice, you may as well dance”.

Not something I’d recommend, but hey. The point of the picture of Mr Mourinho and that quote is that they both denote a certain swagger, a divisiveness which can lead to people either loving or loathing you.

It’s something I’ve noticed before – Hell, for a planner, I’m pretty bloody talkative, which is unusual in itself.

Worries about arrogance extended to when I was doing my (English) degree, where the vast majority of participants tended to be female.. and women who (for the most part) were a) brighter than me and b) quieter than me.

So no, I don’t think I’m arrogant. I just talk a lot. And a lot. And a lot. Sometimes repetition creeps in as a result. As a result. Writing usually helps me cut this off at the knees.

And, of course, the argument goes, given my current position, I should shut the fuck up and get on with being humble and apprenticing myself to some of the best minds in the business.

I intend to do the middle one and the latter – I’m humble to those who are planners naturally in this industry, because they know more than I do about life, the universe and everything. But I’ll still speak up if I have to, even in interviews.

It’d be pretty piss poor if they hired me and I was a sanitised version of myself. No chance. I’m not quite Rob’s angry belief, but I can be opinionated, certainly.

And speaking up (when it’s considered and the right time) should be a blessing – if it stops shit ads and comms, definitely. I can’t be any other way.