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WAM is One. Happy Birthday to me..

Picture belongs to ra_fiki. Usual rules apply. Happy birthday to me, squashed bananas and wee.. happy birthday to meeee.. On the 18th of May, I decided to blog. Truthfully, it was borne out… Continue reading

Stoke City’s Plight.. and Visual DNA..

Look at this. Yes, the mighty Potters (that’s Stoke, just in case you weren’t sure) have just beaten Colchester 3-1, and are on the verge of getting into the playoffs. Tied with Southampton,… Continue reading

In honour of 100 posts, I give you a term..

The ‘Johnny Cash’. Used after a night out, or a particularly heavy curry. It relates to one of his songs.. because both have the ability to give you a ring of fire. To… Continue reading

Arrogance is a gift?

Consider the following quote: “If you are on thin ice, you may as well dance”. Not something I’d recommend, but hey. The point of the picture of Mr Mourinho and that quote is… Continue reading

Belated IPA Talk Thoughts..

The IPA talk was fascinating; always good to hear two heavyweights duke it out. But, as Chris Forrest rightly pointed out, there wasn’t enough blood on the walls; just a little bit of… Continue reading

I’m not as angry as some. But I’m possibly more random..

Have some randomness! Randomness for all! Wii Baby Because of my mate DaveWhat I don’t want to become Sometimes this is true Genius. My business plan is down the toilet Found it behind… Continue reading