WAM is One. Happy Birthday to me..

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Happy birthday to me, squashed bananas and wee.. happy birthday to meeee..

On the 18th of May, I decided to blog. Truthfully, it was borne out of frustration – feeling like I wasn’t getting anywhere in this advertising malarky, and it was basically going to be an online CV.

But as time has moved on, things began to change. I posted about hedgehogs, England’s football failings, music, built a squidoo and told people who read the blog more about myself than I thought I ever would do.

Along the way I decided planning was for me, and via planning and the blog I’ve met a variety of interesting people, been published by Campaign and got a job. Finally, I lost a job. And here I am now.

I’ve had a bloody good time so far. Thanks to everyone who reads this/enjoys my ramblings.