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Making Rubbish..

Or Art? Picture via Baz_in_Moroland. Usual rules apply. This post is a bit of a fusion of all of the thinking which has been floating about the wider ad community for a little… Continue reading

"I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe…

The guy at the bottom of the pic now teaches today’s youth. Be afraid. …[and] all those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.” Yes, I’ve watched Blade Runner fairly… Continue reading

Branding the Branding Industry…

I’ve got an Adidas one on my left buttock. Picture via MLeak. Usual rules, etc. Or ‘why Get Smashed should be a reminder to have fun’. You’d have thought, with all of the… Continue reading

Never mind the brand bollocks, here’s experiential marketing…

Not sure what he’d have made of this. Not a lot, probably. Now, I’m not a very big Sex Pistols fan (sorry Marcus), to be honest. A bit before my time – and… Continue reading

Musings on Talent and HR…

If only there was a magic database that handled recruitment. Picture via chrisweb99. Usual rules etc. Before I begin my usual foray into things I don’t fully understand, I’d suggest you read this… Continue reading

Why a little swagger’s a good thing..

Liam Gallagher – model for graduates? Picture via freschwill. Usual rules, etc. This was sort of inspired by something I wrote on Ad Grads and a bit of thinking, so bear with me.… Continue reading

Helicopters and how you see the world..

Look, a Chinook. Via SierraHiker. Usual rules apply. One of the great mysteries of this business is how management speak infiltrated the ad world. Mostly bollocks, of course (drilling down, to me, still… Continue reading

Money, Money Moooney…Moooooney..

I’d quite like one of these when I grow up. Courtesy of Mat Skull. Usual rules apply. Or, otherwise titled ‘When cashflow goes bad’. Ahem. Anyway…when I was in University, one of my… Continue reading

It’s funny, the more I practice, the luckier I get…

The great Gary Player, possibly the best bunker player ever. The picture’s from justaregularbloke. Usual rules, etc. Regular, or astute readers will know that I hold golf very dear to my heart (yes,… Continue reading