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Interests vs Professions..

If I was around in the 70s…photo via angatuba-legionaire, usual rules apply. I read a very interesting quote t’other day, and I may misquote hideously here – it was concerned with journalism, and… Continue reading

Expecting Entrepreneurs?

That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout. Via Edmittance. Usual rules apply. I’ve got another confession to make. I got into advertising because I had it in my mind that, while it wasn’t going to… Continue reading

Mentors, Experience and Knowledge…

We’d all hope for something like this – well, maybe more careery… Hello there. By trying to get Sammy I elected as IPA Hottie (vote Ismail, vote often – send it round your… Continue reading

All I have in this world is my word and my balls…

Wordle comes through again. Via FastcodeDZN, usual rules apply. …and I don’t break ’em for no one”. That infamous Scarface quote has been resounding with me recently, what with all the chat about… Continue reading

Semantics, Recession and Merging..

Really is as simple as that. Picture via Torkveen, usual rules apply. Hello. That meme thing has prompted me to write something proper. That’s right, with real grammar and punctuation. Maybe even with… Continue reading

Best bit of meeja this year + Brand Promises..

For me, it still tastes a little like Cherry Coke.. I’m a big fan of brands, like people, coming through on their promises. So this proclamation from the head of Dr Pepper made… Continue reading

Stop what you are doing…

The great man himself. Antonio Damasio. Hero. Those of you who read my twitter or blip stream (thanks to Iain for pointing the latter out, it’s great) will know I’ve been on my… Continue reading

Pharrell and Tabula Rasa..

He is a little scamp, isn’t he? This post could have been entitled ‘Coming through my drive through’, but I thought that too many people would get a little bit overexcited. You know… Continue reading

What do I have to know?

A Hungarian chap looking pensive. Cheers Gaby/Crumplestiltskin. There’s a very real trait in the planning world to gaze, thoughtfully, at one’s navel for what seems like a very long time. And I’m just… Continue reading