The great debate/more podcasting..

(NB: Photo is from Assbach’s collection – let me know if you want me to take it down)
Just to draw my readers (those that don’t already read one of the best ad blogs on the net) to this debate at Adliterate.
Is blogging killing planning? Well, as a non-planning blogger (but someone who wants to become one, by hook or crook) that reads a helluva lot of ad blogs, I don’t think it will.
There is a risk that those on the outside looking in (such as myself) overvalue opinions of those people who we ‘read on the internet’, regardless of whether they are Planning Director of United, Darth Strategist or unwashed oiks like myself with no planning credentials.
Also, there’s a concern that we forget about the role of ‘proper’ qual research in the planning cycle. Well, I very rarely read blogs for their statistical content, unless they are the brilliant Indexed. Looking at stats makes up a proportion of my current job, and I think the role of reading blogs for me is to (first and foremost) unwind, and secondly to improve the amount of opinions and advice I have at my disposal. Others may have it t’other way round, but hey – I like to learn and relax.
Essentially, if someone really is junior and trying to get into planning, I think they’ll have realised that the job isn’t just about reading blogs for a living, and certainly won’t take blogs to be the gospel truth – more a place to store thoughts and act as stimuli/a forum for debate, depending on your point of view or requirement for the blog.

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