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PSFK Conference piccies.. and a minor apology..

Yes, I was there. And rest assured, a two part post is coming. Oh yes. And, the write up will be a bit of a beast, given my notes. I’m a bit busy… Continue reading

Belated IPA Talk Thoughts..

The IPA talk was fascinating; always good to hear two heavyweights duke it out. But, as Chris Forrest rightly pointed out, there wasn’t enough blood on the walls; just a little bit of… Continue reading

IPA Blogging/Planning Talk – Who’s going?

So who is going to this tonight? I will be there.

The term ‘Creative Generalist’ is shite…

The term ‘Creative Generalist’ means “curious divergent thinkers who appreciate new ideas from a wide mix of sources” as coined by Steve Hardy…whose blog can be found here. It’s a great blog, no… Continue reading

A friend in need is a friend indeed.. a friend with uh.. better..

Blogs are great things. I become more and more convinced about this with each day. x Sure, I’ve not managed to meet another Stoke City fan (Jim Thornton, are you reading this?), but… Continue reading

The great debate/more podcasting..

(NB: Photo is from Assbach’s collection – let me know if you want me to take it down) Just to draw my readers (those that don’t already read one of the best ad… Continue reading