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Everyone Loves Music (And Podcasts)

There may be violin. I just don’t know. Thanks GBST Ron, usual rules apply. Eh? Don’t you? Well, you can’t say that this blog doesn’t live to give from time to time. Yes,… Continue reading

Mellifluous Musical Meanderings..

It’s been a while since I’ve done a mishmash of music, so Oh No Cucumber Sandwiches returns for a sixth outing.. download it here, or scroll down and click on the last little… Continue reading

More musical nonsense and cucumber sandwiches

Yada yada – thanks Dextr It’s all about more podcasts. Boo yah. Check out the sidebar – you can now play them straight from the main page, which is nice.

An American Tune..

Just before I go, I’ve decided to leave you with a couple of things. The first is a podcast, which can be downloaded here. It’s very Americanised, with good reason – if you… Continue reading

The great debate/more podcasting..

(NB: Photo is from Assbach’s collection – let me know if you want me to take it down) Just to draw my readers (those that don’t already read one of the best ad… Continue reading

Podcasting nonsense/Oh No..Cucumber Sandwiches!

Well, Meme Huffer’s podcast ‘Sleazy Listening’ made my mind up. It was time for a spot o’ podcastery myself. Please find my first effort in the sidebar, entitled ‘Oh No Cucumber Sandwiches’. x… Continue reading