Thin slicing my way through life/How Angels get their haloes..

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One of the reasons I like blogging so much is that it completely bypasses that potentially awful thing – that of false first impressions.

There’s trend (and it’s perfectly natural) of meeting someone during some situation – where they are stressed, tired, hungover or whatever…and getting a completely inaccurate impression of them and what they are like.

Personally, I tend to find that I communicate much better in the written form – I talk too much when I’m in a pressure situation, or just generally.. I find it so much easier to organise my thoughts in written form (and you lose all of those strange little body language things which can be misread).

And it’s curious (and another one of my bug bears with a lot of agency grad schemes) that there can be those who really perform on the day, get a mild halo effect, but turn out to be damned incompetant/bloody useless.

And yet, this pre judging will never quite stop. We can’t stop thinking instantly. We think ‘oh, that person is incompetent’ because they’re a little bit scruffy or mal-coordinated. You can’t turn off your mind.

We all character assassinate (and some have a great deal of fun doing it – who doesn’t enjoy making back stories for people whilst they are looking out of the window?), and so..though blogging goes some way to helping, first impressions will continue to dominate, but hell – just be aware of them.

At least, I hope this blog provides a bit of a window into how I think. Comments made in real life whilst under the influence of alcohol aren’t quite so useful. Nor those when I’m trying too hard to impress.

Quotes on this I happen to agree with – ‘The problem with first impressions is that you only get to make one’.. and a Brendan Benson quote (whose song you can listen to below): ‘I’ve always been this way. Never known any other way to feel’:

And if you’ve never met me before – I’m the overly talkative one who should learn to listen better. But give me time…I do listen (most of the time).

Funnily enough, thin slicery (and it’s just occurred to me I’ve just summarised part of ‘Blink’.. heh) is what people have been doing to McDonalds and Innocent. So beware that you don’t do it too much.

And oh, on the topic of someone else who sometimes thin slices – check out Charles Frith’s new blog. Long time commenter, first time blogger. Welcome on board Charles.