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What Ad Agencies can learn from AC/DC..

Angus doing what he does best. Picture via T-Klick. Usual rules.. I’ve been listening to an awful lot of three chord music recently (no, no Status Quo, happily). And it seems to me… Continue reading

Growing Up Online…

No, I didn’t look like this when I was younger, sadly. I was far fatter. Yes readers, it’s time for my annual (or monthly) blog post about how blogging changes you, and how… Continue reading

Shh….it’s a secret…

An arty shh, courtesy of Novembre85. A recent report on the BBC has been jumped upon by many bloggers as evidence that there is in fact a ‘class divide’ between different social networking… Continue reading

6 Blogs that make me think…

Yours truly, astounded by all the thought in the room. Thanks to Sammy. I’ve been tagged by Daniel at Adstructure, so I thought I’d write some wibblings about 6 blogs which make me… Continue reading

Turn and face the…

Arnie never had to worry about changing. Not in his acting career. Having posted countless times about this blog’s rapidly changing purpose (from online cv, to conversation, to random musings interspliced with conversation),… Continue reading

Monkey Island taught me everything I know..

Monkey Island 1 – A legendary game. Anyway, in an forlorn attempt to move away from my traditional, Godin esque posts about marketing and advertising, I thought I’d spoil you, dear reader, with… Continue reading

Traipsing around the Tate..(Pt 1)

Juan Usle – Bilingual. NB: This was before I realised the Tate doesn’t allow photos. Oops. Had a very interesting day last week; met up with Lauren (sheseered)at the Tate Modern. A good… Continue reading

Green or Gone?

Photo belongs to Dianna. Usual rules apply. Couple of posts by other people have got me thinking. Thinking? Me? I know, I know. Hard to imagine. But suspend that disbelief. I’ve been thinking… Continue reading

Thin slicing my way through life/How Angels get their haloes..

Thanks to HeatherShade – usual rules apply, One of the reasons I like blogging so much is that it completely bypasses that potentially awful thing – that of false first impressions. There’s trend… Continue reading

Good Customer Service? Yes.

I’ve recently got wireless. Despite the occasional hiccup, it’s proving to be great – got to love being on t’internet at home. Anyway, I got wireless with BT. Good price and all that,… Continue reading