Good Customer Service? Yes.

I’ve recently got wireless. Despite the occasional hiccup, it’s proving to be great – got to love being on t’internet at home.

Anyway, I got wireless with BT.

Good price and all that, and the deal was sweetened when I found out my bank had a deal going on with them (£50 off with my bank account – woo hoo).

Anyway, that was the good bit. The bad bit came when the phone line wouldn’t find broadband. After much head scratchery, I called them. No problems on the waiting front; I was very quickly speaking to a nice lady called Cheryl.

She couldn’t solve the problem, but could I speak to another colleague?

‘Course. I wanted me t’internet.

That colleague (who’s name escapes me) confirmed the line was buggered, and an engineer would be out the following day.

He was, ringing me twice and sorting out the problem.

Great stuff.

I followed the cd’s instructions, and after a bit of a kerfuffle with the USB wireless stick I had to buy, I was sorted – and £50 to the good, as the voucher is now being processed.

Tip top BT – and for what it’s worth, I think the new B2B strategy is a winner.