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Anti Social Brands…

Lolcat goodness, via msmail. Usual rules apply. I’ll be honest, I didn’t go to IPASocial, despite the ferocious twittering around it. So i’m going to caveat these remarks with that. I didn’t go… Continue reading

We ALL work in PR.

Looks like a flume, but isn’t. Guess. Photo via Whatsername? It’s a little bit of a black hole, isn’t it? This being on the internet malarky, creating a digital footprint with every tweet.… Continue reading

Twitter Presentation, Take 2..

Look at the birdies! Let’s try this again. Below is a presentation which I tried to post earlier, to help educate the agency on twitter…here y’are: An Introduction to Twitter View more presentations… Continue reading

Shortcrust Pastry Is Best…

Percentage of pie to pacman…mmm. Photo via watashwasi. Usual rules apply. This is rapidly turning into a festive flurry (see what I did there) of posts. Anyway. This is a semi serious post… Continue reading

Twitter is a bastard (but I’ve FINALLY got it to work)

Phew. After many exhaustive emails/me being a combination of a technological ‘tard and a neo-luddite, I’ve got twitter to work. Tune in to find out the many minutiae of my everyday life. What… Continue reading