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Anti Social Brands…

Lolcat goodness, via msmail. Usual rules apply. I’ll be honest, I didn’t go to IPASocial, despite the ferocious twittering around it. So i’m going to caveat these remarks with that. I didn’t go… Continue reading

Expecting Entrepreneurs?

That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout. Via Edmittance. Usual rules apply. I’ve got another confession to make. I got into advertising because I had it in my mind that, while it wasn’t going to… Continue reading

Semantics, Recession and Merging..

Really is as simple as that. Picture via Torkveen, usual rules apply. Hello. That meme thing has prompted me to write something proper. That’s right, with real grammar and punctuation. Maybe even with… Continue reading

Shh….it’s a secret…

An arty shh, courtesy of Novembre85. A recent report on the BBC has been jumped upon by many bloggers as evidence that there is in fact a ‘class divide’ between different social networking… Continue reading

The Web 2.0 Goldfish Bowl?

Picture belongs to Michelle_Bower. Usual rules apply. In the past week, I’ve signed up to CoComment (manages my conversations online if I want it to), MediaStarz (pure networking, but hey – I was… Continue reading