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Phwoar. I would. Just thought I should alert you all to something very important. The IPA have launched a top industry hottie award. And, being childish, I’d quite like Sam Ismail, my partner… Continue reading

Editing Makes A Difference..

She’s coming for your souls. Now, I’m not the sort of person who’d go out and shoot a load of film, nor do I have any interest in monkeying around with it. I… Continue reading

Bullshit Bingo and the web..

It happens. Oh yes. Click to see more. Thanks to Saltation. Usual rules etc. Everybody surely knows about bullshit bingo by now. All of those silly words which somehow manage to find their… Continue reading

Two videos..

Memories…photo via Marta Crowe It’s a funny thing, the t’terweb. Leave it alone for a little while, and it suddenly sneaks up on you and updates thousands and thousands of RSS feeds. Cheeky.… Continue reading