The Five Worst Songs on your ipod..

Right, it’s time for one of them thar meme things.

I’m about to embarass myself – and is there anything worse than revealing moments of musical weakness?

No, of course not. Here’s my five:

1) Phil Collins – Easy Lover

Does this one really need a great deal of explanation? Given the amount of Phil Collins in advertising at the moment, it’s a drop kick choice. Hell, upon looking at its Wikipedia entry, it was even used as some of the music for the inaugural Wrestlemania. And yes, Philip Bailey (he of Earth Wind & Fire) duets with our Phil. What’s not to love here? From the overdone synth/cymbal/drum intro to the glorious harmony, this is a bit of a winner…listen to it here.

2) Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe

I seem to have some sort of odd fondness for music that was popular when I was about ten years old. So, this bad boy has to be on my ipod. Don’t quite know how it’s survived the cull. If you were (un) fortunate enough to not to know of these living Swedish legends, find out more here. Almost got into Eurovision last year. Pity. As for the song, it’s an uptempo, very silly country esque number. One of those grab your partner jobs. Urgh. Listen to it here.

3) Ace of Base – All That She Wants (Is Another Baby)

This one is a bit more popular. Number one in loads and loads of countries…hell, it’s the best selling #2 in the US ever. It still doesn’t excuse me having on the ipod, as it’s a synthy, horn ridden mess of a song that (shamefully) makes me grin like a loon when it comes on. Listen to it here.

4) New Order – World In Motion

This is possibly the only song of the five that I’ve tried to learn the lyrics to. Ok, ok, just the infamous John Barnes rap..catch me if you can, because I’m an England man. Wonder what I’m talking about? Go here. Yep, it’s the only New Order song to get to #1 in this country. Partly due to the rap and overall hilarious lyrics – ‘when something’s good, it’s never wrong’, and clearly down to the England 1990 World Cup Campaign. Oh yeah, the song… it’s your typical drum heavy early 90’s New Order track. Only with John Barnes rapping. Listen here (no, it’s not until 3 minutes in that John does his stuff).

5) Pato Banton (feat Robin & Ali Campbell) – Baby Come Back

This one is particularly shameful. Originally by Eddy Grant (yes, it’s that bad), and featuring backing vocals by Birmingham’s finest – UB40, this is another song from the mid 90s which was a number one (didn’t we have such fantastic charts back then?). The wiki entry is here. Didn’t realise he was from Brum himself. Anyway, the song is a jaunty number, with some cracking rapping from Mr Banton himself. Bet you are looking forward to it – listen here.

Anyway – to anyone who reads this – what’re your five worst songs?