Waking Up…

Well, it’s been a few days. Getting back into some form of routine now – doing some freelance, arguing with insurance companies (one thing I’ve learned is to read the small print..sheesh) and so on.

What is perhaps most marked is my attitude to my things. The realisation that, just perhaps, it is just stuff after all. All the branding, and all the values my things convey – well, they are just that – held in my mind’s eye, and can be forever changed.

I keep coming back to the notion that things could have been a lot worse, and the reactions of other people – asking whether I was ok and so forth, and all I was thinking about was ‘who cares? My stuff’s been pinched’. Small minded? Yes, probably. In hindsight I should have been worrying more about myself, but it’s not in my nature to do that (and yes, it’s still a pisser my watch and mobile have gone).

Essentially, the title of the post alludes to the fact that no, I’m not going to be quite so short-sighted any more. I’m going to focus on what matters in my life – health, friends, and my happiness. Really place it at the centre. No, I’m not going to adopt a strange religion or abandon advertising, but I am going to re-frame how I think about the world.

If it does nothing else, it completely banishes a professional trap plannery folk fall into – believing the rest of the world values the brand as highly as we do. It’s nonsense – people value things that they’ve always valued…desires and wants, sure, but friends/family a lot more.

Normal half baked nonsense will resume with the next post. Just needed to get that ‘un off my chest. (I’m still after a cane though).