I WAS going to go home this weekend..

This is where I used to go swimming when I was little. There’s a pool inside and out now..

Well, I had a lovely long weekend planned. But oh no. Global warming intervened.

It began at 4pm on Friday. After having too many teas/talking large amounts of rubbish in the Breakfast Club, I went back to my flat to prepare to go home.

Got a call from my folks. Ah, so that little bit of flash flooding in London (lasted about 10/15 minutes) has actually been going on all day. Oh dear.

Still, like a mug, I went to Paddington to pick up my tickets. No dice.

Not really surprising when you think that this was the situation Saturday morning. Yes, Pershore is about 10 minutes from my house at home (in fact, it’s where I went to school when I was a wee nipper).

Compounding my status as a mug, I tried again. Still nothing (click this link to see what the train line looked like – picture twelve). However, watching the massive scrummage to get on the Bristol train was a joy to behold, and fully restored my faith in small, determined elderly people who got their way through with the odd cheeky elbow.

Upton Upon Severn. Nicked from the BBC (Daniel Berehulak), usual rules apply.

And it got worse. Upton Upon Severn, for those who click on the link and learn about it, is again, about 10 minutes away from where I live. It’s where my Grandma used to live. Happily, she doesn’t any more, or that house would be a write off (as it is, it can’t get insurance any more, as it floods so frequently).

So no, I didn’t go home this weekend.

And it’s still pretty bloody terrible near where I live (Worcester/Gloucester border, quite near Tewkesbury). Some people I know have no fresh water or electricity. Here’s hoping the emergency services can help.

Things like this make you realise that it’s all very well to worry about the environment, and global warming, but we need to DO SOMETHING. I’m as ignorant as the next person, but when something like this happens on a local level, it should serve as a sobering wake up call.

No bullshit. Just listen to the scientists, and get prepared for more monsoons – lessons must be learned.

And yes, family Humphrey are just fine. Albeit a bit shaken and concerned by it all.

This is fairly dark stuff for a Monday – don’t worry, I shall resume more advertising/nonsense writing shortly.