Interesting 2007..

Ben from NDG staying anonymous.

Well, I had a bloody good time.

Thanks very very much to Russell for setting it up and generally being a great host.

Everyone was great to listen to, and I loved watching my friends get up and present. One and all, they were brilliant.

I met many, many, many people (the link love would get ridiculous if I linked to everyone I met), and I was throughly gutted I couldn’t stay afterwards to enjoy a few beverages.

Here are my pictures. Some are a bit dark/rubbish, but the majority aren’t too bad. Suffice to say, I’ll never be a professional photographer. You can see everyone else’s (much better) photos here.

Why did I leave? I had to plot an event of my own, my 80’s houseparty. That went well too.

Back to work now…but I’m a lot more interesting as a result of Saturday.